Wednesday, 21 February 2018

how to stay healthy . planing

how to keep your body healthy

  How to keep your body              healthy

.eating healthy .
Some ways you can keep healthy is eating thing that don’t have sugar
In it and also buying food that also has non fat in it and drink walter not
not fizz.   
.vegetables  and fruit .carit are good for your eyes and  health also all of the other
Thing’s and fruit.

.fresh and clean.
Have a shower every day wash your hands after going to the toilet

Clean your room and house.  

Thursday, 15 February 2018

how to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Intro. This is about how you can stop from getting sick and spreading germs to other people.

Idea1.Washing your hand is good  because it can stop the germs from spreading to other people because just a little bit of germs can
Course a lot of different sickness.

Idea2. Don’t sit by people that are sick because you can also get sick From the person you are sitting by evin when they don’t cava there math .

idea 3.Go for a wash after playing outside because the germs you pick up can cause a lot of ham to you and your family.

conclusion .what i wrote about white is germs .


Thursday, 8 February 2018

my First weeks at school

First weeks at school.

The first week at school was fun also getting to know everyone.The first day at school we all had to go into the hall and sit then  after that we went to class and sat down on the fool and then  all of our teachers  enter joist there self  and then mr wiseman told as all what our home class where. And then i went in to class and my Home room  then we play a game we all had to say our name and what food that studied with the first letter of our names so all of room 5 went around in a sercool and then befor  you now it it was weeking and then It was the next week and all we did was maths reading and also

writing and that is my two first weeks at school .